In the journey of your professional life, there will be hurdles that seem daunting, perhaps even insurmountable. Overcoming discrimination in your job search is one such hurdle. Age, skin color, gender—these are just a few of the filters through which potential employers might view you.

It’s not fair, and it’s certainly not right.

But the questions that really matter are these:

  • Are you willing to fight to be seen?
  • To step up your game and master the job search to be considered?
  • To take action and land the job you deserve with the compensation you desire?

If you’re nodding along, then this is where your fight begins.

The Decision Point: Excuses or Action?

Life’s unfairness is an unpleasant truth we all confront. And yet, this truth doesn’t have to dictate the outcome of your career choices, your job search, or your professional success. You’re not at the mercy of others—you have the power to change the narrative.

You have a decision to make. Do you want an excuse, something or someone to blame, to hold responsible for where your career stands? If that’s the case, then this might not be the read for you.

But if you’re eager to learn what you can do to take the reins of your career, to make the moves that will put you back in control, then let’s dive in.

How to Step Up Your Game

The first step is to let go of any expectations that the industry owes you recognition for your experience. Don’t expect it to get easier, and don’t wait for someone to notice your worth. It’s time to take action.

Discover Your Superpowers of Success

What makes you, as an individual, successful? How do you succeed? These are your superpowers. It’s crucial to know the value you bring to an organization, an industry, a team, and your customers. Quantify it, articulate it, and be clear about it. This clarity is your first weapon against discrimination in the job market.

Building and Leveraging Your Professional Network

Your network can be your lifeline. It’s essential to be proactive in growing connections at and above your level within your industry. And, in today’s digital age, leverage social media — LinkedIn, particularly — to be visible, to be seen, and to showcase your expertise through thought leadership.

Showcasing Your Positioning

How you present yourself in conversations, on your resume, on LinkedIn, and in interviews can make all the difference. It’s about mastering the art of showing up for yourself without coming across as arrogant or cocky. 

You must represent yourself effectively because if you can’t, who will? 

This is about showcasing your skills, experience, and potential in a way that resonates with employers and sets you apart from the competition.

Seek Professional Help When Needed

There’s no shame in seeking help—especially when it’s about something as crucial as your career. Discrimination in the job search is a harsh reality, but it’s one that can be overcome with the right mindset and actions.

Remember, the responsibility to stand out is yours. It’s your job to set yourself apart. By taking control of your career narrative, understanding and articulating your unique value, and being proactive in your job search, you can overcome the barriers that discrimination presents.

Now is the time to step up, take charge, and make a difference in your job search. The job you deserve is out there, and it’s waiting for someone just like you to claim it. If you need help, we should talk. Click the button below to schedule a time.

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