Create top-performing teams. Deliver high-impact solutions. Get paid what you deserve.

Do you struggle to be seen & valued as a leader?

Do you feel invisible?

Are you repeatedly overlooked for your achievements and ignored for your contributions?

Is your impact limited?

Is your authority to drive results limited? Do you feel blocked from working to your potential?

Are you underpaid?

Are you getting paid less than you’re worth? Have you been passed over for a promotion?

Be seen. Make an impact. Inspire others.

Lead with confidence & get paid what you’re worth.
Fulfill your potential & create an impact that makes you proud.

Inspire & elevate teams to deliver high-value results.

I know what it’s like to feel overlooked for your contributions and not receive the leadership support you deserve. I know what it’s like to struggle to impress management and inspire those who report to you. I’ve been through it myself.

Since 2007, I have been helping clients like you become first-class leaders.


Howard K - ClientHoward K.
Lori took my old, tired, out of date resume and transformed it into a resume which got results. Spending the money to work with Lori was well worth it.
Caitlyn M.
Working with Lori was a great decision! She had a plan of action and immediately was able to get me on track.
Client - Tony HTony H.
Lori was very helpful in identifying the skill gaps I had in interviewing. She is very patient and works on a personal level, not just checking boxes – she really gets to know her clients and works to get the best out of them. ”
Robert N. Robert N.
“I felt trapped. Lori understood my predicament, as she had seen it all before — she was sympathetic. Working with Lori, I was able to get clarity and confidence to express myself better than ever before. And I got targeted resumes that quickly produced interviews.”


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Thrive as a first class leader!


Many executives feel frustrated, overlooked, and stuck because they lack the confidence and authority to command respect and create an impact through inspirational and motivational leadership.

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I know that you want to lead with confidence and authority, inspire your management and peers, and motivate and empower your people so that you can create an impact that makes you proud.

In order to do that, you need to become a first-class leader.

The problem is most organizations don’t believe leadership development is a foundational business skill and strategy, so you are left to learn the hard way with few or no role models or mentors. That makes you feel frustrated, overlooked, and for some disappointed in yourself.

I believe you can take control of your career and influence. You can reach your potential as high-impact leader in your organization and in your industry. You can have a lasting meaningful impact and get paid for the value you bring.

I understand because I have been where you are. I learned how to be a great leader the slow, hard way. I made (and paid for) big mistakes. I sought training through trial and error. This is why, since 2007 I have helped hundreds of values-driven clients in situations like yours to become first-class leaders who deliver high-value impact.

Here’s how we do it:

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  2. Meet on Zoom where we will create a custom plan of action tailored for you and your goals and challenges.
  3. Have confidence in knowing that together we will achieve your goals, and you can thrive in your career as a first-class leader.

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So you can stop staying stuck and feeling frustrated. And instead, you can become a first-class leader and build a career legacy that fills you with pride.

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