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2nd Thursday of each month
7:30 PM Eastern

➨ July 11, 2024
➨ August 8, 2024
➨ September 12, 2024
➨ October 10, 2024
➨ November 14, 2024
➨ December 12, 2024

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How “The Break Room – After Hours” Works


We will meet in a webinar room. (The link will be provided when you register.)

You use either your microphone and speakers to talk, or you dial in on the phone.


We go around the room and handle questions and problems each person has about their own site(s).

That way everyone can benefit from everyone else’s solutions.


Everyone learns a lot in a very friendly, laid-back, no-such-thing-as-a-dumb-question atmosphere.

You can ask your questions ahead of time if you think they might require a little research on my part.

Meet and connect with like-minded tech executives who've experienced similar challenges to you. Here you can help and learn from each other.



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