The first thing to do to find the perfect job for you is to identify the roles where you excel, make an impact, and receive high-value compensation.

One of the first mistakes people make in a job search is confusing being open to new opportunities with applying to every job you find available. Your job search becomes vague, and you come across as uncertain and unsure about what you’re capable of doing and what you want to do.  

The message you send is you don’t know what you want.  And that’s the quickest way to miss out on an opportunity.

In today’s job market, companies and hiring managers rely on The Job Seeker to prove at every stage that YOU are the perfect candidate for The Job.  This applies to every job opening, at every level. The entire recruiting effort is designed around this core dependency (from the ATS systems to recruiter interviews to Hiring Manager interviews.)  

To get any job today, YOU must make the case for YOURSELF as THE BEST candidate.

Find the Perfect Job Based On What Aligns With Your Career Goals

If you do this you will further your career with every step because you strategically planned for your next job instead of going into your job search blind.

By being intentional with your job search, you dramatically increase your odds of landing a role you enjoy, where you find more satisfaction, a bigger impact, and better financial rewards.

By NOT applying to every job available, you don’t waste your time, your efforts are focused, and your chances of success are substantially higher.

Design Your Career Identity Map

Without knowing your key strengths and superpowers along with what’s most important to you in your work, it’s easy to land in the wrong job or wrong-fit company.

Your personalized Career Identity Map is a picture of the professional you: who you are, what you offer, and where you thrive at this point in your career. Your map reveals the key qualities that define your perfect next role and career path.

With a Career Identity Map, you will: 

  1. Have a custom blueprint to ensure your next job is a perfect fit role for you. 
  2. Know the signs a job is completely wrong for you. 
  3. Know how to be 100% certain you found the perfect job.

Assess Your Pragmatic Priorities

It’s crucial to identify all your professional priorities and how they rank so that you know what to demand and what to negotiate in landing the perfect job for you.

In addition to the work, there are other benefits we get from work that we value. We all have a list of things we need and want including salary, benefits, working conditions, and corporate culture.  Without the right combination, some jobs are more hobby than vocation.  

Creating a prioritized list of the practical elements you desire ensures you will:

  • Land a job you enjoy.
  • Have a job that supports a satisfying life beyond your career.
  • Secure the best total compensation package that supports your lifestyle.

Discover And Recognize Right-Fit Opportunities

Now you can create target profiles and lists and ensure that EVERY job you apply to is a good fit.

Once you have clarity on the perfect job for you along with your professional priorities, then you can create a targeted search and build a list of target companies and roles that fit what you’re looking for. 

Your action steps

  1. Create a list of 10 or more target companies that offer what you desire.
  2. Identify a list of job titles that are the best fit for you.

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