You know that to find the perfect job, first, you have to know the roles in which you excel, make an impact, and receive great compensation. Next, you have to determine and articulate what is your unique value proposition — what makes you the best candidate for those roles? Last, but not least, is getting the interview and negotiating the offer. 

These executive job search tips will help you make the networking, interviewing, and negotiating part of the process as easy and effective as possible. 

Generate Referrals and Interviews With Your UVP

  • Create a plan to build and grow your professional network to reach decision-makers and influencers using LinkedIn.
  • Navigate your networking conversations to showcase your UVP. You’ll maximize your referrals by making sure everyone you talk to knows exactly what role you’re looking for and the value you can add.
  • Implement a strategy that enables you to build and grow your professional network as you walk out the door. Don’t burn your bridges, build them as you leave! 

Interview Masterfully at Every Stage And Maximize Your Offers

  • Learn my Land-the-Job Interview Strategy so that you know how to give the interviewer the answers and information they need for every question you are asked, and stand out in the process.
  • Treat the interview like any other important meeting: come prepared and take notes.
  • Establish trust and credibility in your first moments.
  • Identify what each interviewer needs to know about you so you can easily provide the right information.
  • Prepare and practice telling compelling stories for every question you are asked, so you stand out in the process. 
  • Ask great questions to show you care about the job and company.
  • Find out the truth about the company performance, culture, and leadership style.
  • Express your interest, ask about next steps, and send a thank-you note!

Negotiate Your Terms to Craft Your Ideal Role

  • Find out what you’re worth in the marketplace today — before you negotiate your compensation!
  • Getting the offer is not the final step. Getting the offer is when you make your final decisions about what will make a perfect offer for you. Then, you ask for what you want so you can walk away with a competitive compensation plan. 

Effective Executive Job Search Assistance

Job searches are universally difficult, and the executive job search process can be even more uncomfortable with even higher stakes. 

At the executive level, finding the next right-fit career-enhancing move often requires professional assistance from an Executive Career Coach.

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