Thursday, May 23, 2024
Special Offer Today: $500 Discount


Attention Tech Executives & Leaders: Do you have your Career Strategy & Roadmap for 2024?

2024 Is (Nearly) Here

I’m sure you’ve got your eyes set on what’s next in your career. In today’s world, where the job market shifts like sand under our feet, staying ahead is more crucial than ever.

I’ve been working with leaders and execs in the IT world, just like you, helping them up their game, increase their earnings, and really make a mark in their fields. And I’ve got something special that could be a game-changer for you.

Executive Career Strategy and Planning Session

This isn’t just any planning session. We’re talking about a deep dive into what makes you tick, figuring out your next big move, and setting you up for a standout year. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Goal Setting for 2024: We’ll outline your professional goals for the year.
  • Career Advancement: Strategies to position yourself for a promotion or transition
  • Navigating the Job Market: With all its ups and downs, we’ll create a strategy that keeps you ahead.
  • 30-Day Starter Plan: You’ll walk away with a tailored 30-day action plan for 2024.
  • Session Recording & Transcript: Review the insights from our session at your convenience with a recording and a written transcript.

And the best part? I’m offering this one-hour session at a special rate, just for you. We’re talking big value, tailored advice, and the kind of insights that can really turn things around for 2024.

Normally priced at $1000, I’m offering this session at a 50% discount, bringing the cost to just $500. This offer is valid through December 31st. But remember, slots are limited and once filled, they’re gone.

Interested? Just click this link to book your session today (but hurry, spots are filling up, and I really don’t want you to miss out).…

Book My Planning Session Now!


Here’s to making 2024 a year of amazing career growth for you!

Lori Howard

P.S. Remember, planning ahead is key, especially in these uncertain times.

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