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We help you move from “I want to take control of my career and create an epic work experience” to “I’ve got this handled” – quickly and confidently. Save time, money and frustration as you grow.

People say the job search is simple and a career should be easy to manage. And it is…until it’s not. Then what?

Whether you’re on your own with your job search and career progression by choice or by circumstance, odds are, you’re going to run into a challenge and need some support. Google is great for finding answers…until you find 10 conflicting answers to the same question. Then what? How do you know which is the “right” answer for you?

No wonder people get stuck and end up frustrated!

Finding and landing your right fit next role can be so overwhelming. There is so much to understand, so much to learn… and so darn many choices! Simple tasks too often become complex headaches. You want to do things the right way – the first time around. You’re tired of trial-and-error and unnecessary delays.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have…

someone to brainstorm with? Because you surely don’t want to reinvent any wheels.

strategies and tactics for the best way to go about what you’re trying to do? You know…so you don’t make a mess of things or take the long way around unnecessarily.

an experienced expert to look things over when you’re done? Just to ensure you didn’t miss something or paint yourself into a corner without knowing it.

Business Teamwork
Lori Howard Executive Career Coach

I feel your pain.

Hi, I’m Lori Howard of Lori Howard Coaching. I’ve worked with many hundreds of clients over the years to find and land their right fit next role, and increase their income, impact, and visibility. And I’ve provided thousands of hours of training and support.

When I started out as a Software Developer, there was very little career help available, and even less in tech. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and began to share that knowledge with anyone who asked. I worked my way to Vice President reporting to the CIO.

Then, in 2007, out of frustration with my own experience of having to figure it all out on my own over the years, I developed a strengths-based system that worked so I could help leaders in tech just like you identify and land their perfect fit next role quickly and with ease.

Since 2007, I’ve used and optimized this process exclusively with 1-on-1 private clients. Now, in 2024, I’m making this available to the DIY Career Mastery Club.

Let’s kick overwhelm to the curb — together!

"Lori’s super power is understanding people and helping them market their talents in order to attain their goals. Her wonderfully supportive personality provides a safe space to explore the tough but necessary questions."


Tina Zuber, VP
Tina Zuber VP

You don’t have time to learn everything. So we work on the challenges you’re facing now.

Resumes and Job Interviews aren’t the only things you’re up against…

You also have to figure out branding, positioning, online and in-person networking, hidden job market, ATS systems and AI algorithms, resumes, cover letters, interviews, and compensation negotiations! You may even need to apply for internal jobs or promotions!

We include everything you need to know to manage a professional, successful executive career and job search in the training and support provided.

Career Clarity & Right Fit Roles

Identify your real target job. How to land your right fit next role. How to know, with certainty, your path forward.

Branding & Positioning

Learn about branding and positioning. How to position and brand yourself as a successful, in-demand, executive leader.

Resumes & Cover Letters

Find the best format and length for your resume. How to navigate the ATS systems. Identify your keywords. 

LinkedIn Profile & Algorithm

What information you must share on LinkedIn. How the LinkedIn algorithm works. How to get opportunities to come to you on LinkedIn.

Pragmatic Networking

How to build your network for your job search now. How to find networking groups to join. How to build a useful network on LinkedIn.

Interviews & Negotiations

What interviewers really want and need to know about you. How to navigate the screening interview. How to negotiate the best offers.

Systems, Checklists & Templates

Tools and resources to help you get all this done and still do your job and spend time with your family and loved ones.

And much, much more!

The job search, like tech, is constantly changing. Stay current. Know what the latest trends are. Know what works and what not to waste time on.


DIY Career Mastery Club makes getting the help you need affordable and predictable.

You’ve got goals. But maybe your plan is a little thin because you don’t know all your options.

Decisions you make today can affect your options tomorrow. Look at that list above. There are so many choices, not just with what to do, but how to do it. 

As a Club member, you can discuss your strategy and choices (and their consequences) with us before you start…so you know what you’re getting into and don’t end up having to start over.

What if you prefer an individual, private consultation?

Not a problem! You may not want to discuss some sensitive topics in front of others or you might be in a time crunch…and that’s ok. Though individual, private consults are not included in your membership, you can schedule one when you need to…and you’ll get priority scheduling and a 20% discount as long as you’re a Club member. Get into action quickly.

And what if you decide you don’t want to do it all yourself?

No worries! You can pick and choose the parts you want to handle yourself, and we’ll do the rest…at a discount. Yes, you read that correctly. You get a 20% discount on done-for-you services as long as you’re a Club member. You’re in charge of how much “do it yourself” is right for you.

"In the rapidly evolving job market, senior executives face unique challenges in navigating their career trajectories—challenges that even the most advanced AI cannot fully address. Lori offers deep understanding, insights, and unparalleled guidance into the most effective strategies for career advancement."


JT Pedersen, Business Transformation Executive

JT Pedersen
Business Transformation Executive

Go farther, faster, when you go with us.

Access to two Clinics each week.

(Don’t struggle alone. Bring the problem to a Clinic. Leave with solutions.)

Direct access to Lori and our private community.

(Smart, multi-talented people just like you, supporting each other so no one has to go it alone. Priceless.)

Access to all LHC Job Search Training webinars.

(Learn not only the what, but the when, why & how, too. Training with meaningful context. And some fun.)

Discounts on individual consulting and done-for-you services.

(Save big when you need extra support: 20% on consulting and done-for-you services.)

We’re here for you. Join us today.


per month.

Note: Your monthly membership is on me while we work together.

If you wish to continue after our work is complete, you will be granted access at the monthly rate at that time.

We’re here for you. Join us today.


per month.

Note: Your monthly membership is on me while we work together.

If you wish to continue after our work is complete, you will be granted access at the monthly rate at that time.


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