At least once a day, someone mentions the tragedy of age discrimination and asks if it is as bad as they say.  I’ve read the articles, seen the headlines, and heard the stories.  If you have worried about age discrimination preventing you from finding your perfect next job, I’m here to tell you to STOP IT! 

Is age discrimination real? Of course. 

So is gender discrimination.  Color discrimination.  Ethnic discrimination.  Religious discrimination.  And more.  

Is age discrimination the cause of your failed job search? NO!

Here’s my problem with age discrimination as an excuse for not getting the job you want: The second you decide that’s true, you immediately put all the power in the hands of the hiring folks.  And you own zero responsibility.  

Well, that’s defeatist and deflating.  

But Lori, they are the HIRING people.  They HAVE all the power.  

They only have all the power if you give it to them. So don’t.

I can help you retain your power in the job search if you want it.  I can put you in control.  

I’m not taking on all types of discrimination here; I’m not an expert on them all.  (Although, if you feel discrimination is getting in your way, reach out. I’ll help you develop a strategy so it doesn’t disable YOU.)

But let’s talk about what you can do to pre-empt and prevent age discrimination from impacting YOUR job search.  And how you can take control of your job search.

When it comes to age discrimination, hiring managers fear 3 things:

  1. That you no longer have energy for the work and just won’t accomplish what’s needed
  2. That you are just putting in time until you retire.
  3. That you are set in your ways and not forward-thinking or truly innovative.

You must proactively address these concerns in your conversations, your marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn), and your interviews. 

Here are 7 tips to remove age discrimination from your job search:

Express interest and enthusiasm for the role, the company, and your ability to contribute and make an impact. Put a few passion statements in your resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile “I’m passionate about leveraging technology solutions to improve the customer experience.”

Do not talk about seeking downtime, slowing down, or other red-flag phrases that could mislead someone into thinking you don’t have energy.

Keep your lingo current. Don’t talk about out-of-date systems or use dated terminology.

Make an effort to read up on what’s happening in your field, your industry, and your space. For example, what are the latest regulations impacting insurance? What is the next innovation in tech that companies need to research and embrace?

Talk about your recent contributions and achievements in your job, in addition to your past experiences.

Treat all potential employers, hiring managers, and coworkers with respect, regardless of their age.

Finally, never act as if you’re entitled to a job because of your age. Instead, demonstrate that you can do the job and are interested in contributing to the job.

Now, follow these 7 steps to take back control and neutralize age discrimination in your next job search. If you need help, we should talk. Click the button below to schedule a time.

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